Black Girl Runs Ultras with Crystal Love

This month we are honored to highlight the beautiful, incredible, Ultra Endurance athlete, from New Jersey, Miss Crystal Love. Following her journey as an ultra-runner is all the inspiration you'll need to get out there and achieve what seems to be unachievable. Read further to find out more about Crystals Endurance Journey.

What does Black With Endurance mean to you?

We are an underrepresented segment in the Endurance World, showing up let’s everyone know we belong.

Tell us about your introduction to Endurance sports?

One day I said to myself I wanted to run a Spartan Ultra! I had no clue how to train but I knew I needed to be able to finish a 50k so that’s how I started. I signed up for a bunch of 50ks!

What are some of the Endurance events you participated in, in the last year? Which one was the

most challenging and what did you learn about yourself?

I had completed 2 100mile races last year and several 100km races. Infinitus — The Endurance Society definitely stole my soul, I realized how much my body and mind can handle.

You participated in a Multi-Sport event at the end of the year; Called Rat Race: City to Sea, tell us about that experience and any suggestions you may have for athletes interested in trying it?

Rat Race was crazy, kayaking in the middle of a huge bay and the 100mile bike ride, my first century ride, was crazy. Getting on a bike would be my best advice! Learning not to be scared of being alone in the middle of a huge body of water my second. That was an experience!

You mentioned in our FB group, that you will be doing multiple 100-mile events this year. What are some of those events? and what drives you to push through in these Ultra Endurance Events?

One of my favorite Ultra Events is Infinitus. My new favorite “Urban Ultra” in Atlanta us The Gemini 100, the RD is a Black Woman. And my Big one is a 200miler in September. I’m Obsessed with the challenge of getting in miles.

As a woman of color how do you feel being in a primarily male dominated sport?

Not only being a Woman of color but a 50year old Woman I love that I can hold my own in a group of much younger and much stronger racers.

A lot of athletes comment on how endurance sports require mental toughness. How would you describe your personal mental journey?

Endurance racing is such a mental game. I’m learning so much about myself on this journey. I never thought I could do these things until I actually started telling myself I can do these crazy events.

Who are some athletes that inspire you? and why?

All Athletes inspire me, everyone has something to offer. Billy Richards is someone I have always talked to from the beginning and has given me the most help. He really understands the mental and physical aspect of the Endurance game.

People have lots of different traditions while training for an event. Is there something that you must have, or do while prepping for an event to enhance your performance?

I try to wear my very first Savage Race Shirt to every race!

Marry, F#@%, or Kill: Running, Cycling, Swimming and Why?

Marry Cycling, it’s my new Love💜 Fcuk running cause fcuk it😜 kill swimming👎🏽

What is one, or are some of your bucket list events that you want to compete in, or complete?

All my races I DNF’s are my bucket list races I will get back to them and finish them all!

Please share any websites and social media where people can find you:

Crystal 🏃🏽‍♀️💜🔮🦄♎️👊🏽💥 (@black_girls_run_ultras) • Instagram photos and videos

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