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About Black With Endurance

Founded in 2020 by the lovely,  Creator and Host, Lani Woods, with the help of BWE podcast Co Host, greatly respected, world renowned nutritional coach, & weight loss expert, Koach William Solomon.

Black With Endurance is a platform to

highlight black athletes in endurance sports, as well as promote health and wellness within the black community.

Black athletes in endurance sports often are under represented and overlooked, at BWE we feel the only way to change that is to get more of our community involved in these sports at a younger age. A lot of college athletes don't get the opportunity to go pro in their sport, and feel the loss of part of their identity when it ends, but there is a world of sports that they are more than capable of competing in, with endless opportunity, the only question is, How bad do you Want It!!!

We want to encourage more people in the community to try and fall in love with these sports, there is no such thing as investing to much into our health. So we have created this podcast to talk to people already in endurance sports at all levels, about their sport but also the adversity they had to overcome to get where they are today.  Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we have to offer, and get in touch with any questions. Black With Endurance is here for you.


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Lani & Koach are passionate about sharing the stories of black athletes, making sure they get recognition and giving them their flowers while they are here, as well as getting more of our people active and educated about their health choices. You can help us by contributing a small monthly donation to keep the lighnts on and to be able to maintain higher quality audio. BWE appreciates you, thank you for your support!